What is social sports betting?

There was a time not so long ago when you could only place your bets in the high street shops and, a little more recently, through fairly plain platforms in the early days of mobile betting websites and of course betting apps.

But in the last few years there has been a desire for more and with that demand comes product innovation. We now have some very exciting social betting apps on the market which bring together both social media and betting.

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Social sports betting is simply the marriage of gambling and social media and there’s lots of ways you can join in the fun with your friends and other liked minded people.

We have been test driving some of the good and not so good social betting apps to help you get involved in social sports betting and make your betting experience more fun in 2017 and beyond.  

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How to download social betting apps?

The majority of social sports betting apps are available on iOS via the Apple store.

Generally, Apple are more inviting of gambling based apps, which makes downloading with Apple a little easier than for Android devices, but it is still very simple to find the well advertised Android social betting apps when you visit a social betting site like BetBull, Bookee or Betfect.

If you are using an Android device, these basic steps should help you download:

  • Modify in Settings on your phone/tablet to allow installations from “Unknown Sources”
  • Follow the Android app download link from chosen site to download the APK file
  • To Install – Go to My Files > My Downloads and click on the ‘APK’ file to complete installation
  • Register and login to use via the app icon on your homescreen

How do social betting apps work?

Social betting apps work in a variety of different ways and utilise a mixture of styles, designs and functionality.

Essentially though, social betting apps all basically do the same thing and that is to blend sports betting with aspects of social media together into one handy place and allow for peer to peer betting within an app hosted community of like minded people.

For example, two friends could set up a bet on the next game of pool they play down the pub.

They allow you to share your bets or tips with others, compete in tipster leagues with your friends, chat and message with other punters who have placed the same bet, and even allow you to split your bet with friends so you can go halves on a weekend football acca for example. 

Which are the best social betting apps?


The Bookee.co.uk social betting app is a promising addition to the market and adds a new concept to the way people can place their sports bets.

It is a great example of how social sports apps work. Currently available on iOS and Android, Bookee.co.uk is creating a bit of a buzz in the UK.

This will be a work in progress and it will be interesting to see if the concept takes off and seeks to move into new regions as well as the UK.

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Bookee is being touted by many as the “Tinder of Betting” which is a fair analogy to make because you are presented with pre-selected expert betting tips and accas, and then you swipe right to accept a bet if you like it or swipe left to reject a bet.

It all looks very interesting, but the Bookee team will need to work hard to ensure their tailored bets have a decent strike rate to keep users engaged and maybe even seek to diversify by allowing users to publish their own bets too.

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BetBull is a little bit like Bookee but an elevated version which allows you to “Follow” tipsters from all over the world, track their performance, interact with users and place bets all on one social betting app, so they are worth checking out too.

Founded in 2015, BetBull is one of the most increasingly popular and exciting social sports betting apps on the market today. Utilising the tips and performance of sports betting tipsters from all around the world,

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BetBull allows users to both act and play as a sports tipster, or the person following the tipster of choice. You can follow the profit and loss of the best guys via Leaderboards to find and bet alongside credible, proven tipsters.

BetBull is also a growing player in peer to peer betting on an app, offering over 30,000 live betting events every month, in-running cash-out function, a “Bet Centre” where you can chat with fellow punters who’ve placed the same bet as you, and many other benefits such as free bet offers, concessions and of course – Acca Bonuses to boost your winnings.

Big name brands such DraftKings are a huge player worldwide social sports betting and are a fun brand to try, while even high street bookmaker brands such as Paddy Power are now announcing platforms like “Paddy Power Social” and attempting to join in the social sports betting gravy train.

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