Horse Racing Betting for Beginners

If you are looking at how to bet on horses, there’s no need to panic. Betting on the ponies isn’t as complex as some might think. Armed with a few basic stats, you can bet on horse racing and make a small fortune. There are so many different types of bets on offer and horse race meets in the UK and Ireland – from Royal Ascot to Cheltenham Festival – and it pays to know the foundations to horse racing betting, which is where I come in…

Betting Apps for Horse Racing

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Types of Horse Racing Bets Explained

There are plenty of horse betting markets for punters, all offering widely different horse betting odds. I’m a regular bettor on the ponies, and there are a few bets that are a staple for my betting slip. This is horse racing bets explained…

Betting to win is the most simple form to bet on horse racing. This type of horse racing betting involves placing money on one horse to win. It’s pretty straightforward; put £1 on odds 7/1 and you’ll get £7 back.

Each way betting is another method of how to win at horse racing. This doubles up as two bets, with one bet on the horse to win and another for it to ‘place’. The place terms vary, but most each way horse racing betting is in the top three. The horse betting odds are, typically, better than placing a single bet. Each way is good for putting money on an outsider and are, typically, used on horses with long odds as you’ll still lose if your horse doesn’t win, just places. If the horse betting odds are priced lower than 4/1, it’s not worth it as you’ll receive less than what your original stake was.

Forecasts and tricasts are common bets, but you need basic knowledge on how to bet on horses. A straight forecast bet is predicting who you think will come first and second, whereas a reverse forecast doesn’t order the two horses you believe are going to come in the top two. A tricast refers to picking the top three. What you’ve won on the first, rolls onto the second, so the returns with this type of bet are much more.

Accumulator bets are popular with most sports and involve choosing a selection (three or more, typically). Accas are massive with punters (myself included) as their returns are much more than any other horse betting odds mentioned above. However, hand in hand with those returns comes more risk. If one of your bets doesn’t come in, you don’t win a penny. But, if you put a £1 win treble on three horses, you are looking at funds of £1,331 if they all come in. In my eyes, the good outweighs the bad.

Across the board is a type of bet that involves three possible straight bets. A win bet means you are picking the horse coming in first place. The place bet comes in if the horse makes it into the top two in the race. A show bet win is when the horse comes in the top three.

How Do You Win on Horse Racing

How to win at horse racing is something we are still trying to figure out. If we had the exact science down, we’d all be millionaires. However, there are tips you can take away with how to bet on horses:

  • Study the form of those in the race: Horse racing is a trove of stats and info on jockey’s past races, the horse’s records, the weight the horse is carrying etc. The horse betting odds will, generally, reflect those stats, but if you put time and effort in, you could gain an edge to betting on the race.
  • Follow the odds: Watch the moves in the market for inside information, and you could be walking away with a lot more in your pocket. For example, if a horse goes down from 20/1 to 16/1 – there’s good reason to believe people may have insider knowledge on its performance.
  • Read up on betting sites: This one is a given, but have a look at the predictions and tips shared on betting sites, such as BAFA. These are shared to help you out, and it’d be a waste not to have a look.

How to Bet on Horses Online

Placing any form of horse racing bet online is easy. To bet on horse racing, all you need to do is:

  • Choose your preferred bookmaker
  • Register for an account
  • Submit your details
  • Place bets on your chosen market
  • Always look for horse racing free bets before depositing money

What is Best Odds Guaranteed?

Best odds guaranteed is offered by many betting sites, and refers to the starting price of the race. If you could have got a better one elsewhere, the bookmaker will award you that price. For example, if you take an early price or fixed odds price, but the starting price is significantly better, the bookies will match that. This type of offer is usually allowed on singles, multiples and each way horse racing betting; accumulators are, often, excluded.

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